Instruments: Hand crafted by us

Flute making

Boehm flutes: in silver, soldered tone holes, mechanics without continuous rail fixed to individual columns on the tube. Delivery period: 1 year

Our piccolo headjoints

3 models

  • smooth
  • reform headjoint
  • reform thinwall

In these wood types:

  • African blackwood
  • Cocus
  • Rosewood (4 types)
  • Delivery period: approx. 3-4 months

We can supply these headjoints directly with piccolo flutes from the manufacturers A.R. Hammig, Ph. Hammig or Yamaha, or make them for any other flute.

Our flute headjoints

  • in silver
  • in silver with 14-ct gold lip plate
  • in 14-ct gold pipe with 14-ct lip plate

Our lip plates for Boehm flutes, alto and bass flutes

  • in silver
  • in 14-ct gold

Special feature: reform lip plate

This comes with two raised areas to the right and left of the blowing edge that help direct the airflow more accurately.

Instruments: Our Partners

Externally manufactured products
Transverse flutes

On request, we supply all Ph. Hammig and A.R. Hammig instruments/piccolos with Fischer reform headjoints made of cocus or rosewood.

Externally manufactured products

Externally manufactured products